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Mironenko, Sergej, Da wir alle Idioten sind, 1990

Highlights of the Collection

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Inspired by the new contemporary art that reflected the self-assured pioneering spirit and the unconventional attitude towards life of their generation, the collector couple Peter and Irene Ludwig began avidly collecting young art from Europe and North America on a large scale at the end of the 1960s. It was a time of superlatives: with the moon landing, sexual liberation, and self-actualization, everything seemed possible. Artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein made the world of consumption, the mass media, and the profane status symbols of the American way of life the subject of their art, thus inventing Pop Art.

At the same time, photorealism was also finding its inspiration in everyday life, in mirrored shop windows, garish neon signs, fast food restaurants, and cars ready for the scrap heap, all meticulously painted from the photographic originals by Ralph Goings, Don Eddy, and John Salt. There were individual interpretations from the 1960s onwards in Europe, too: this is impressively demonstrated by the works of Domenico Gnoli from Italy, Jacques Monory from France, Erló from Iceland, and Dietmar Ullrich from Germany. Another type of Pop Art, Sots Art, developed in the Soviet Union and its socialist “brother states” in the 1980s. Their imagery, which took on the guise of socialist state propaganda, was used by artists such as Sergei Mironenko from Russia, Wang Guang Yi from China, and Tonel  from Cuba to express humorous yet biting criticism of their regimes.

Curated by Dr Annette Lagler


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