Experience art, recognize art – become an art connoisseur

Since the beginning, the Ludwig Forum Aachen has valued the visitors’ involvement in artistic processes. For, contemporary art means: interactivity through artistic intervention; formulating, asserting or relativizing positions; networking ideas. The further you immerse in the others’ thinking, the more you can understand their standpoint and the more you can question it, preferably in a playful manner.

Along these lines our visitors are welcome to actively join our exhibitions, at all age groups.

The Ludwig Forum offers a fascinating program closely connected to the exhibitions: with theme based guided tours, art dialogues, rallies for children, workshops, artist talks, lectures, readings, film screenings, family Sundays, artist courses, portfolio courses, student’s day and many more.

Smaller and larger groups can book individual guided tours and workshops in German, English, Dutch and French.

Located in the Ludwig Forum on two floors is the workshop area where children, young people and adults can learn to apply themes and techniques of contemporary art.

We offer age-based activities ranging from special guided tours, creative programs and project days, which can also turn into long-term cooperations.

We look forward to provide further advice and welcome you to the Ludwig Forum!

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Guided tours and workshops