Schools and kindergartens

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You can never start too early! For nurseries and kindergartens we offer special guided tours with creative program. Also on board is our art suitcase containing painting equipment and various interesting materials to explore – an art experience appealing to all senses.

Themed guided tour with creative program
2, 3 or 4 hours, from 2 €/hr./child

Info and booking
Karl-Heinz Jeiter
T. +49 241 1807-115


Art mediation in the Ludwig Forum offers many opportunities for cooperation and activities for all ages and types of school. Be it dialogue or actionoriented tours, in-depth practical and artistic activities in the workshop or creative writing about pictures and objects – be it in German, Dutch or French, the methods of teaching of contemporary art are very varied.

According to our exhibitions for all types of school and forms we offer custom guided tours in German, Dutch, French and English, with or without a thematic focus.


Primary school

  • Masterpieces of modern and contemporary art
  • Pop Art and Hyperrealism

Secondary school

  • Masterpieces of modern and contemporary art
  • Pop Art and Hyperrealism

6th form and college

  • Masterpieces of modern and contemporary art
  • Pop Art and Hyperrealism
  • Ludwig‘s lust – about the history of the Ludwig collection
  • Art + History: Styles, Media and Contexts from 1960 until today
  • Art + Theory: Art theory, philosophy and artistic concepts from 1960 until today

Creative program

In addition to guided tours we offer a creative program based on the current exhibitions and other topics:

  • drawing and painting
  • sculptures
  • collage
  • etching
  • sceenprint
  • photography
  • stop-trick-movies
  • video
  • graffiti
  • fashion


Guided tours

1h: starting from 20 € for max. 25 pers.
1,5h: starting from 30 € for max. 25 pers.

Guided tours with creative program

2, 3 or 4h: starting from 2€/h/pupil


Free admission
for everyone under 21 years of Age.

Every Thursday free admission.


Info and booking
Karl-Heinz Jeiter
T. +49 (0) 241-1807-115
F. +49 (0) 241/1807-101


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