Kombinatorium – a game of ideas

In frame of the exhibition „Nancy Graves Project & Special Guests“ (13.10.13–16.02.14)

In her art Nancy Graves challenges the boundaries usually drawn between abstraction and the figurative, between natural sciences, imagination, and cultural history. We take up the questions she poses and invite you to take part in this game of ideas. Unusual relationships and connections can be formed from a collection of materials. Familiar categories are set in motion through new combinations. Create your own chart and present it in a joint exhibition.

Project manager: Karoline Schröder + Petra Kather.


Inclusive workshop with Artur Zmijewski

In a number of his works Artur Żmijewski focusses on disabilities and the way society deals with people with disabilities. His latest film “Self-portrait” (2013, 13’53”, DV) originated in 2013 during a workshop at the Ludwig Forum. Under the Polish artist’s guidance, people with and without disabilities created an ensemble of sculptures together, which stands in the Ludwig Forum Park.

Curated by Miriam Lowack and Holger Otten.
Thanks to: Christa Pitz-Döhler, Leitung Haus Wiesental, Lebenshilfe Aachen, Benjamin Wagner, Sozialarbeiter Haus Wiesental, Lebenshilfe Aachen, Ilona Markiewicz, Sozialarbeiterin Haus Wiesental, Lebenshilfe Aachen, Alfons Knogl, Künstler, Carl Brunn, Fotograf, Nicole Meyer, stadtteilbüro aachen nord, Maike Beckers, Koordinatorin WIR ALLE – Gemeinsam leben in Aachen-Nord, Björn Spangenberg, Lebenshilfe Aachen, Jennifer Menzlaff, Lebenshilfe Aachen, Anna Gasch, Lebenshilfe Aachen, Meehsen Metall-Sägezuschnitte, Würselen, Schmiedewerk Andreas Güldenberg, Würselen

In cooperation with: Lebenshilfe Aachen, Haus Wiesental, WIR ALLE. Gemeinsam in Aachen-Nord, Aktion Mensch

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