01.05. Sparda-Day: One Day in May


Rosemary Mayer once said about “Some Days in April”: “The work is a monument for, and to connect, the individuals, flowers, stars, times, on the balloons.” The project is a memorial to her friend Ree Morton and Mayer’s late parents who shared birthdays in April. On the balloons, Mayer painted the date in April associated with the person, two names for each person, the names of stars currently in the sky and the names of flowers currently in season.

On May 1, 2022 we are celebrating “One Day in May” sponsored by Stiftung der Sparda-Bank West with a balloon workshop, guided tours and free access to the museum from 10 am to 5 pm.


10 am – 5 pm 
Free entrance
Coffee & cake, café with snacks

10 am – 4 pm
One Day in May:
Open workshop for families, friends and the curious

11 am / 1 pm / 4 pm
Family tours

12 pm
Guided tour of Geometry and Flowers with Holger Otten, Curator

4 pm
Guided tour of Rosemary Mayer. Ways of Attaching with Eva Birkenstock, Director

Credit: Rosemary Mayer, photo documentation of: Some Days in April, 1978, balloons, helium, paint, fabric, rope, and wooden rods, installed during the week of April 17, 1978 Property of Bruce Kurtz, Hartwick, New York, The Estate of Rosemary Mayer, photo: unknown

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