Keren Cytter. cold summer

Cold Summer

Festival by A.P.E. (Art Projects Era)

 As an extension of the exhibition Bad Words by Keren Cytter, the festival Cold Summer introduces readings, dance, and music performances by befriended artists, poets, and musicians, such as Dan Bodan, DECHA, Cosima Grand with Milena Keller, Adam Harrison, Karl Holmqvist, Marie-Caroline Hominal with Joseph Ravens, Ari Benjamin Meyers with Thomsen Merkel and Jan Terstegen, New Noveta x Vindicatrix, Mathilde Supe, amongst others, in and around the museum from June 25, 6 pm to June 26, 6 pm.

The festival is conceived by Keren Cytter as part of the non-profit organization A.P.E. (Art Projects Era), which she co-founded in 2010 to challenge the limitations of culturally given structures.

Free admission.

cold summer fest


Saturday, June 25

6 pm
Arrival and Bar

6.30 pm
Mathilde Supeand Adam Harrison

6.407.15 pm
Marie-Caroline Hominal
Performance with Marie-Caroline Hominal and Joseph Ravens as auctioneer

7.307.50 pm
Karl Holmqvist

89 pm
Cosima Grand
Dance performance with Milena Keller

9.159.45 pm
Dan Bodan


Sunday, June 26

 2 pm
Arrival and Bar

2.20 pm
Mathilde Supe and Adam Harrison

2.302.50 pm
New Noveta x Vindicatrix
Alukah in Aachen
 Music performance

3.053.20 pm
Mathilde Supe

3.554.55 pm

5.15 6 pm
Ari Benjamin Meyers
Serious Immobilities (Module 4 / Instrumental Version)
Performance with Thomsen Merkel and Jan Terstegen

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