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Expedition Museum
An exhibition for children


Children on a discovery tour in the Ludwig Forum

Astronauts investigate space – Lufonaut explore the Ludwig Forum: All children are invited to go on a great expedition and discover the museum and the works of art. For example, the hollowed-out tree trunk by the sculptor Thomas Virnich. Is there a secret inside? And why are there two of the same tree trunks, the second one, however, out of clay? Looking at the story of yet another tree, it gets even stranger. Here a tree plays an important role in a film by Roderick Hietbrink, where it seriously rustles through the midst of a peaceful living room!

About 30 works of art from the Ludwig Collection invite all visitors, young and old, to explore their environment with imagination and impartiality and to engage in new perspectives. To be curious, to look at things from the other side, to be surprised especially by the everyday: that is the Lufonauts’ challenge. And the interesting thing is that they thus provide the same challenge as artists do in their work. For both children and artists things can be very important where normal adults do not see anything out of the ordinary, because they can become starting points for fantastic trips, ideas and stories.

Curated by Karoline Schröder and Holger Otten


LUFONAUTS, Installation Views






Photos: Carl Brunn / Ludwig Forum Aachen


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The museum and the library are temporarely closed.


Guided tours and workshops


6,00 € / reduced 4,00 €

Everyone under 21 years of age: Free Admission!

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