The Uncanny on Paper

Exhibition in the Graphic Cabinet

The uncanny is unsettling and eerie, making us shudder while being curiously spellbinding. Where does this peculiarly pleasurable fascination with the uncanny originate? In the pursuit of its persisting appeal, the exhibition presents a selection of works from the museum’s collection of works on paper, each of which addresses the particular aesthetics of the uncanny in different ways, thereby posing the question: which conditions and motifs make us perceive artworks as uncanny? And why is that?

As the days grow shorter and we retreat to sheltered homeliness, it might just be the perfect time to indulge in that little ‘guilty pleasure’ of our fascination with the uncanny.

Artists: Ol‘ga Michajlovna Abramova, Robert Bechtle, Vladimir Grigor’evič D’jakov, Adol’f Ivanovič Demko, Irmel Kamp, Andrej Lvovič Kostin, Vadim Alekseyevich Kulakov, Igor‘ Glebovič Makarevič, Kaisa Puustak, Ben Schonzeit, Aleksandr Borisovič Suvurov, Gurij Filippovič Zacharov

Curated by Dr. Nora Riediger

The exhibition shows 16 graphics from the Ludwig Collection. Guided tours only on request, max. 10 persons.


Installation views, The Uncanny on Paper, Photos: Carl Brunn

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