Tini Aliman, We All Have Been Had, Ludwig Forum Aachen 2023 © Tini Aliman

Tini Aliman. We All Have Been Had – Studio Visit and Performance

The Ludwig Forum Aachen is pleased to invite you to a studio visit with “Borderland Residencies” fellow Tini Aliman. During her three-month residency in Aachen, the Singapore-based artist and sound designer started We All Have Been Had, a new site-specific research project along her interest in forest networks, spatial acoustics, bio-music, botanical histories, and the variables of data translation through biodata sonification. On Tuesday, November 28th, 2023 from 6 pm, she invites to a studio visit at the Ludwig Forum’s first floor where she will present her work-in-progress.

In We All Have Been Had Tini Aliman is exploring interconnecting modes of mutating ecologies. She is ruminating the cultural, social, environmental and political spectrum of performative approaches towards sustainability and recultivation. Starting from the idea of the ecotone, Tini Aliman developed a new site-specific work that reinterprets the relationships between space, memory, time, environment and the senses, while traversing the borderlands of the region. The performance is an accumulation of archiving ecotonal dissonances through site-specific acoustical signatures. It is an exercise with hopes to reflect diverse modes of engagement with the landscape and learnings from navigating pathways and way-finding and the dilemma of change-making.

Since September 2023 the artist and sound designer Tini Aliman is a fellow at Ludwig Forum of the cross-border network program “Borderland Residencies”. “Borderland Residencies” is a project of Kulturraum Niederrhein e.V., coordinated in cooperation with Odapark, center for contemporary art, Kulturbüro der Region Aachen Zweckverband and in collaboration with the participating residencies.

Tini Aliman works at the intersection of theater and film sound design, live sound art performance, installation and collaborative projects. Her works and performances have been presented at the National Gallery Singapore, the NTU Center for Contemporary Art, the Biennale Urbana in Caserma Pepe, Venice, the Singapore Art Museum and the SFMOMA, among others.


Image: Tini Aliman, We All Have Been Had, Ludwig Forum Aachen 2023 © Tini Aliman.

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