A special day at the Ludwig Forum. Together with friends, siblings and family, the current exhibitions can be explored. Experienced art educators guide you through the museum and provide a creative experience in the art workshop.

For children from 6 years

With umbrella, charm and bowler hat
Equipped with umbrella, hat and other accessories, we go on a walk through the museum. What things are the works of art equipped with? What role do statues and sculptures play and what do they want to tell us? In the art workshop, each child can creatively transform into a statue and pose for a photo. The artwork photos are then further designed in collage technique and can be taken home.

Super Color Fantastic!
Get to the paint – get set! Explosions, color gradients, light and shadow, lots of color or just a touch. In the museum, we’ll take a look at how artists use color and what effect it has. In the color lab of the art workshop, we can experiment with all the colors and paint on the easel on a large format. The artwork can then be picked up after it has dried.

Pop stars and superheroes
Who exactly is a star or a hero? What makes them so special? There are many famous artworks in the museum. They don’t necessarily always show stars or important people. Often they have achieved fame because they have awakened new ideas and thoughts in people and were different from what they were used to. After the museum, own ideas, imagined stars with unusual powers can be put on paper in different printing techniques, e.g. Styrodur printing.

Cost: from 100 € for two hours and up to 12 children, plus admission for adults / admission free up to 21 years.

For children from 3 to 5 years

Children’s birthday party for children and parents
Even the very young museum guests from 3 to 5 years old can celebrate their birthday together with their parents in the museum. A selected work of art is presented in the exhibition. What it has been told to the children and parents is then put on paper in the museum workshop using stamp printing techniques. Children and parents together create a work of art to take home.

Cost: from 100 € for two hours and up to 12 children, plus admission for adults / admission free up to 21 years.

Birthday for adults
Celebrate your birthday at the museum! During a joint viewing of selected exhibits, the birthday guests get to talk about art, its effect and intention: Who particularly likes which work and why? In the art workshop, guests can experiment and create a large-scale work of their own or a joint work under professional guidance. Printmaking techniques can also be booked on request. The offer is bookable within the opening hours of the museum.

Cost: from 120 € for two hours and up to 12 participants, plus museum admission.

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