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Training the Archive

The book »Training the Archive« summarizes our discourse during the research process. It consists of several contents: transcripts of interviews conducted with experts, a collection of materials, and texts written especially for the volume. With contributions by Inke Arns, Hannes Bajohr, Eva Birkenstock, Dominik Bönisch, Nick Couldry, Elisa Giardina Papa, Adam Harvey, Mar Hicks, Mél Hogan, Francis Hunger, Moritz Ibing, Maya Indira Ganesh, Leif Kobbelt, Isaak Lim, Ulises Mejias, Matteo Pasquinelli, Gabriel Pereira, Anna Ridler, Alexa Steinbrück, Giulia Taurino and Magda Tyżlik-Carver.

Edited by Inke Arns, Eva Birkenstock, Dominik Bönisch, Francis Hunger
Published by Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther und Franz König, Cologne
German / English
216 pages
ISBN: 978-3-7533-0566-0

15,00 €



Katalin Ladik

This illustrated monograph contextualizes Ladik’s wide-ranging practice within post-war international discourses on (lens-based) performance, concrete and visual poetry, score- and instruction-based work, feminist histories, as well as the motifs of ritual and folklore in recent art.
Renowned artists, critics, and scholars from different generations and backgrounds including Diedrich Diederichsen, Hendrik Folkerts, Irena Haiduk, Ana Janevski, and Dieter Roelstraete contribute longer-form essays, while various experts such as Pierre Bal-Blanc, Fanny Hauser, Emese Ku¨rti, Quinn Latimer, Bhavisha Panchia, Gloria Sutton, Sarah Johanna Theurer, Paolo Thorsen-Nagel, and Mónica de la Torre focus on a single work from Ladik’s oeuvre.
Katalin Ladik contributes a newly commissioned visual essay, highlighting particular images and source materials that have informed her foundational practice from the 1960s until the present day.

Edited by Hendrik Folkerts

With contributions by Pierre Bal-Blanc, Diedrich Diederichsen, Hendrik Folkerts, Irena Haiduk, Fanny Hauser, Ana Janevski, Emese Kürti, Katalin Ladik, Quinn Latimer, Bhavisha Panchia, Dieter Roelstraete, Gloria Sutton, Sarah Johanna Theurer, Paolo Thorsen-Nagel, and Mónica de la Torre as well as a director’s foreword by Eva Birkenstock, Grażyna Kulczyk, Andrea Lissoni and Gitte Ørskou. The publication is co-produced by Haus der Kunst München, Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Ludwig Forum Aachen, and Muzeum Susch, with support from acb gallery, Budapest and Kontakt Collection, Vienna.

In English
Published by Skira, 2023, 160 pages
ISBN: 885724853

28,00 €


Fragments of Online Dating Discourse from Pandemic Times

by Ewa Majewska

Coronafuga. Fragments of Online Dating Discourse from Pandemic Times is an auto-theoretical negotiation of online dating discourse during the Covid-19 pandemic. The book combines theory and digital dating conversations into a literary account of discourses of intimacy during pandemic times. Media and other tools like dating sites, conversations in, around, and about digital flirting, and immediate entertainment are key elements of this book.

The publication is part of reboot:—a collaborative, cyclical, anti-racist, and queer-feminist dialogue between performative and research-based practices, co-hosted by the Kölnischer Kunstverein and Ludwig Forum Aachen. The first cycle reboot: responsiveness provided infrastructures for provisional stagings, rehearsals, processual choreographies, and encounters around themes of presence, intimacy, care, and responsibility.

Edited by Eva Birkenstock / Ludwig Forum Aachen, Nikola Dietrich / Kölnischer Kunstverein, Viktor Neumann

In English

ISBN: 978-3-95476-523-2

14,00 €


COVER - Keren Cytter Doesn't like to share

Keren Cytter Does Not Like to Share
written by Mathilde Supe

While studying at the Fine Arts School in 2013 and having to validate an internship abroad, Mathilde Supe, a 24-year-old student, contacted Keren Cytter to be her assistant. The latter, who had just left Berlin for New York, accepted the offer. Supe embarked on a journey to New York City, where she had never set foot, barely speaking English, without a permit, and without contacts. From this incredible adventure, she transcribed every detail of hardship and learning in a book that took the form of a logbook and followed the evolution of a young artist’s view of another established artist. Keren Cytter Does Not Like To Share is published on the occasion of Cytter’s solo presentation Keren Cytter. bad words (June 25 – September 25, 2022) at the Ludwig Forum Aachen. The exhibition comprehensively presented, for the first time, all of the artist’s versatile fields of work and interests.

In English

ISBN 978-3-95679-655-5

22,00 €

RosemaryMonograph_COVER-20220818 1-1

Rosemary Mayer. Ways of Attaching

A comprehensive catalog on the work of New York artist Rosemary Mayer (1943–2014), Ways of Attaching provides an overview of the artist’s work, moving from early conceptual experiments of the late 1960s through to textile sculptures and drawings made in the early 1970s, before focusing on propositional and durational performances and temporary monuments made from 1977 to 1982.
Highlighting Mayer’s formal interest in draping, knotting and tethering, Ways of Attaching focuses on the artist’s process of constructing real and imagined networks and constellations, in which friends and historical figures feature in expressions of affinity and attachment. It additionally features facsimile reproductions of Mayer’s writings and newly commissioned essays reflecting on her work and the influences of astronomy, feminism, the art scene in New York in the 1960s and ’70s, poetry, religion and Renaissance painting.

Edited by Eva Birkenstock, Robert Leckie, Laura McLean-Ferris, Stephanie Weber

Contributions by Eva Birkenstock, Robert Leckie, Rosemary Mayer, Laura McLean-Ferris, Jenny Nachtigall, Jenni Sorkin, Stephanie Weber

In English and German

ISBN 978-3-7533-0163-1


Para Psychics - Cover

Para Psychics

During the pandemic Kerstin Brätsch shifted into a slow and inward-looking mode and made one hundred dense 11×14-inch large color-pencil drawings over the course of the last two years. The Para Psychics are time-collectors, each filled with an array of metaphysical traditions ranging from mythology, Tarot, symbolism, mysticism, astrology, numerology, spiritism to magic, Herbalism, and plant medicine. Organized in two parts, the first beautifully reproduces each drawing on its own spread, inviting the viewer into Brätsch’s fluidly interwoven cosmos. A second part puts the drawings into dialogue with newly commissioned texts and excerpted historical reprints, a constellation of ideas that shaped the artist’s thought process. We witness how Brätsch activated especially the female aspects of the worlds of mythology, art, social history, poetry, and anthropology. Another contribution comprises images that inspired the artist accompanied by Brätsch’s and Funcke’s annotations on how they are connected to the drawings and reproduced texts, pointing to the many interlinked and constantly transitioning worlds that make up the Para Psychics.
Edited by Bettina Funke
Contributions by Báyò Akómoláfé, Eva Birkenstock, Kerstin Brätsch, CAConrad, Bettina Funcke, Donna Haraway, Inanna, Lucretius, Kerstin Stakemeier, Zoe Stillass, Merlin Sheldrake & Michael Taussig.
ISBN 978-3-7533-0297-3
60 €

The Letters of Rosemary & Bernadette Mayer, 1976-1980

Two sisters, an artist and a poet, describe the contours of their lives among New York’s artistic avant-garde through an intimate collection of letters

This collection of the correspondence between artist Rosemary Mayer (1943–2014) and poet Bernadette Mayer (born 1945) occurs between the years of 1976 and 1980, a period of rich creativity in New York’s artistic avant-garde, and one which includes the development of major bodies of work by the two women. Rosemary Mayer was creating sculptures, watercolors, books and “temporary monuments” from weather balloons and snow, while Bernadette Mayer was working on some of her best-known publications, including the book-length poem Midwinter Day and the poetry collection The Golden Book of Words. Spanning the worlds of Conceptual art, Postminimalism, feminism, the New York School, Language poetry and more, these letters elucidate the bonds of sisterhood through intimate exchanges about art, relationships and everyday life.

Edited by Gillian Sneed, Marie Warsh. Preface by Eva Birkenstock, Robert Leckie, Laura McLean-Ferris, Stephanie Weber. Text by Bernadette Mayer, Rosemary Mayer, Gillian Sneed.

Published by Lenbachhaus, Ludwig Forum, Spike Island and Swiss Institute.

ISBN 978-0-9995059-6-0


Pattern and Decoration. Ornament as Promise
With essays by Manuela Ammer, Esther Boehle, Michael Duncan, Amy Goldin, Valerie Jaudon/ Joyce Kozloff, Holger Otten, Anne Swartz and Harald Szeemann, ed. by Esther Boehle (Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst Aachen) and Manuela Ammer (mumok – Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien), Cologne: Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König.
ISBN 978-3-96098-400-9
29,80 € (special offer Ludwig Forum: 25 €)

Flashes of the Future. The Art of the ’68ers or The Power of the Powerless
With texts and testimonies by Nazes Afros, Sebastian Baden, Andreas Beitin, Maria Berrios, Bazon Brock, Gerd Conradt, Norbert Frei, Constanze Fritzsch, Ursula Frohne / Christian Katti, Eckhart Gillen, Blanca Gutiérrez Galindo, Axel Heil, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Daria Mille, Bohdan Shumlovych, Noemi Smolik, Oliver Sukrow, Marie Luise Syring, Laura Weber, Peter Weibel, Sonja Wunderlich, ed. by Andreas Beitin and Eckhart Gillen, Bonn: Verlag BPB.

Kuba x Kuba. Zeitgenössische Positionen seit 1989
With essays by Luis Camnitzer, Aviva Chomsky, Sujatha Fernandes, Par Kumaraswami, Jacqueline Loss, Denise Petzold, Rachel Price, Elsa Vega and Roberto Zurbano, ed. by Andreas Beitin, Cologne: Wienand Verlag.
ISBN 978-3-86832-414-3
49,80 €


Erik Levine. As a Matter of Fact
With essays by Andreas Beitin, Leonhard Emmerling, Leila Farsakh and Berta Sichel and an interview by Hugh Davies with the artist. German/English ed. by Andreas Beitin and Leonhard Emmerling, Vienna: Verlag für moderne Kunst.
ISBN 978-3-903153-47-9
32 € (special offer Ludwig Forum: 29 €)

Mies van der Rohe. Montage / Collage
With essays by Barry Bergdoll, Andreas Beitin, Lena Büchel, Wolf Eiermann, Brigitte Franzen, Dietrich Neumann, Holger Otten, Lutz Robbers, Martino Stierli, Adrian Sudhalter. German/Englisch, ed. by Andreas Beitin, Wolf Eiermann, Brigitte Franzen, Cologne: Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König.
ISBN 978-3-96098-053-7
39,80 € (special offer Ludwig Forum: 34,80 €)


Paweł Althamer. Aachen Projects 1992/2010/2014
With essays by Esther Boehle, Brigitte Franzen, Julia Küchle, Holger Otten, Mariola Nowak, Karol Sienkiewicz. German/ Englisch,ed. by Esther Boehle, Brigitte Franzen, Paweł Potoroczyn (Adam-Mickiewicz-Institut), Cologne: Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König.
ISBN: 978-3-86335-745-0
24,80 €

With essays by Daniel Cohnitz, Stephan Günzel, Pia Hovi-Assad, Konsortium, Tara MacDonald, Jari Ortwig, Ursula Ströbele and Stephan Trüby. German/ Englisch, ed. by Andreas Beitin, Esther Boehle (Ludwig Forum Aachen), Esko Nummelin (Pori Art Museum), Cologne: Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König.
ISBN 978-3-86335-806-8
28 €


Videoarchiv 03: Angesichts der Kamera
With essays by Jenny Dirksen, Hannah Eckstein, Corinna Fix, Lou Jonas, Miriam Lowack, Sarah Milke, Carina Sperber, German/Englisch, ed. by Brigitte Franzen, Jenny Dirksen, Lou Jonas, Miriam Lowack. Aachen: Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst, 2015.
ISBN 978-3-929292-58-9
9,90 €

Tim Berresheim. Throwing Signs 3-D
With essays by Esther Boehle, Andrea Bönsch, Wolfgang Brauneis, Hans-Jürgen Hafner and Sebastian Pick. German/Englisch, ed. by Esther Boehle, Cologne: Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König.
ISBN 978-3-86335-678-1
39,80 €

Videoarchiv 02: Elektronische Bilder malen
With essays by Frank Buchholz, Pol Bury, Leo Copers, Douglas Davis, Hugo Duchateau, Nan Hoover, Hakudo Kobayashi, Jacques Lennep, Ulrike Rosenbach, German/Englisch, ed. by Brigitte Franzen, Lou Jonas, Miriam Lowack and Anna Sophia Schultz. Aachen: Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst, 2015.
ISBN 987-3-929292-56-5
9,90 €

Peter Lacroix (1924-2010)
With essays by Franz Josef Görtz, Gregor Jansen, Annette Lagler, Adam Oellers, Andreas Petzold, Christine Vogt and an Interview by Benjamin Dodenhoff with Wilhelm Schürmann, ed. by Andreas Petzold and Ludwig Forum Aachen, 2015.
ISBN 978-3-929292-55-8
18 €


Ellen Gronemeyer. Watchever
With essays by Jens Asthoff, Verena Dengler and Hannes Grassegger, German/Englisch, ed. by Brigitte Franzen, Aachen: Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst, 2014.
ISBN 978-3-929292-52-7
18 €

Bea Otto. out there
With essay by Katja Behrens, Brigitte Franzen, Renate Puvogel, German/Englisch. Dortmund: Kettler, 2014.
ISBN 978-386206-380-2
22 €

Videoarchiv 01: Die Amerikaner
With essays by Sabrina Biegel, Laura Capalbo, Sascha Klein, Miriam Lowack, Ilka Schischke, German/Englisch,ed. by Brigitte Franzen and Miraim Lowack. Aachen: Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst, 2014.
ISBN 978-3-929292-53-4
9,90 €


Susan Philipsz. You Are Not Alone – Projects 2007–2012
With essays by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, Dieter Roelstraete, Ross Sinclair, Anna Sophia Schultz et. al., Englisch, ed. by Brigitte Franzen and James Lingwood, Cologne: Verlag Walter König, 2013.
ISBN 978-3-86335-405-3
49,90 €

Nancy Graves Project & Special Guests
With essays by Benjamin Dodenhoff, Brigitte Franzen, Walter Grasskamp, Christina Hunter, Linda Konheim Kramer, Annette Lagler, Petra Lange-Berndt, Josephine Mengedoht, Susan Rosenberg, Joan Simon and interviews with Chuck Close and Yvonne Rainer, German/Englisch, ed. by Brigitte Franzen and Annette Lagler, Ostfildern-Ruit: Hatje Cantz, 2013.
ISBN 978-3-7757-3695-4
39,80 €

Nancy’s Cosmos
Children’s book. With essays by Kaja Adu, Petra Kather, Holger Otten and Karoline Schröder,German/ Dutch, ed. by Brigitte Franzen and Holger Otten, Aachen: Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst, 2013.
ISBN 978-3-929292-51-0
5,00 €

Lars Breuer
With essays by Julia Henderichs, Michelle Grabner and Brigitte Franzen, German/Englisch, Aachen: Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst, 2013.
ISBN 978-3-929292-48-0
25 €

Ilka Helmig. Phénotype
With essays by Brigitte Franzen, German/Englisch, ed. by Brigitte Franzen, Aachen: Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst, 2013.
ISBN 978-3-929292-50-3
20 €

Michael E. Smith
With essays by Brigitte Franzen, Simone Menegoi, Dieter Roelstraete, Anna Sophia Schultz and Chris Sharp, German/Englisch, Aachen: Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst, 2013.
ISBN 978-3-929292-49-7
25 €

Phyllida Barlow. Brink
Ed. by Brigitte Franzen for the Freunde des Ludwig Forums für Internationale Kunst e. V. Texts: Brigitte Franzen, Heike Munder, Phyllida Barlow, Lutz Bernhardt. Cologne: Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, 2013.
ISBN 978-3-86335-272-1
29,80 €


Closer than Fiction: Hyper Real Reader
With essays by Kathrin Barutzki, John Brinckerhoff Jackson, Hans-Christian Dany, Brigitte Franzen, Thomas Hecken, Manfred Henningsen, Jean-Claude Lebensztejn, Lucy Lippard, Alexandra Puntigam, Uwe M. Schneede, Anna Sophia Schultz, Martino Stierli, Annette Urban and a talk between Wolfgang Becker and Peter Ludwig, ed. by Brigitte Franzen and Anna Sophia Schultz. Cologne: Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, 2011.
ISBN: 978-3-86335-119-9
25,- €


Nie wieder störungsfrei!. Aachen Avantgarde seit 1964
With essays by Karsten Arnold, Edward Beaucamp, Wolfgang Becker, Annette Bosetti, Bazon Brock, Brigitte Franzen, Gérard Goodrow, Klaus Honnef, Elke Kania, Petra Kather amd Karoline Schröder, Myriam Kroll, Annette Lagler, Miriam Lowack, Adam C. Oellers, Sofia Petri, Susanne Rennert, Eberhard Spahr, Heike van den Valentyn, Walter Vitt and talks with Wolfgang Feelisch and Rolf Ricke, ed. by Brigitte Franzen, Annette Lagler and Myriam Kroll, supplement in English.
ISBN: 978-3-86678-602-8
49,90 €


Hyper Real
With essys by Monika Faber, Brigitte Franzen, Benedikt Ledebur, Susanne Neuburger and a talk between Jean-Christophe Amman and Brigitte Franzen, ed. by Museum Moderner Kunst, Stiftung Ludwig Wien / Brigitte Franzen and Susanne Neubauer. Cologne: Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, 2010.
ISBN 978-3-86560-929-8
38 €

West-Arch. Vol. I – A New Generation in Architecture
With essays by Anh-Linh Ngo, Anneke Bokern, Christophe van Gerrewey, ed. by Brigitte Franzen, Marc Günnewig, Florian Heilmeyer, Jan Kampshoff, Andrea Nakatih and Anna Sophia Schultz. Berlin: Jovis-Verlag, 2010.
ISBN 978-3-86859-079-1
32 €

atelier le balto. Les pieds sur terre
Ed. by Brigitte Franzen. Cologne: Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, 2010.
ISBN 3-86560-829-1
18 €

Andreas Fogarasi
In: dérive – Zeitschrift für Stadtforschung, No. 38 / January 2010. Schwerpunkt: Rekonstruktion und Dekonstruktion.

Ludwigs Grafik 2. Ost/West
Ed. by Brigitte Franzen. Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König: 2010.
ISBN 978-3-86560-781-2
20 €


Ludwigs Grafik 1. Von Warhol bis Pettibon
Ed. by Brigitte Franzen. Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König: 2009.
ISBN 978-3-86560-664-8
20  €


Dan Perjovschi. Recession. Double Wall Projects 04
Ed. by Harald Kunde. Cologne: DuMont Buchverl, 2008.
ISBN 978-8321-9118-4
19,90 € (out of stock)


Imaging the Distance. Aachen to Arlington: Tobias Danke, Irmel Kamp, Andreas Magdanz, Stephan Mörsch, Hans Niehus. Arlington to Aachen: Caroline Danforth, Chawky Frenn, Maria Karametou, Evan Reed, Mona Sfeir, Amy Glengary Yang
Ed. by Harald Kunde, German/Englisch.
ISBN 3-929292-44-0
14,90 €

Henrik Schrat. Bräunungsabsicht & Entzugserscheinung. Double Wall Projects 03
Text: Harald Kunde, German/Englisch.
ISBN 3-929292-43-2
12 €

Stichwort Gegenwart. Die aktuelle Bestandsaufnahme Ed. by Harald Kunde. Texts: Annette Lagler, Harald Kunde et al. Köln: Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, 2007.
ISBN 978-3-86560-224-4
29,90 €


Im Atelier. Dans l’Atelier. In’t Atelier. Ein Besuch bei Künstlern der Euregio
Fotografie: Bernd Wartwig. Texts: Annette Lagler et al. Eupen: Grenzecho-Verlag, 2006.
ISBN 978-3-86712-006-7
29 €

Erwin Wurm. The artist who swallowed the world
Ostfildern: Hatje Cantz, 2006.
ISBN 978-3-7757-1866-0
38 €

Roman Signer. Reisefotos
Ed. by Peter Zimmermann. Basel: Merian et al., 2006.
ISBN 3-85616-298-4
12 €


Art games Analogien zwischen Kunst und Spiel
With essays by Harald Kunde et al. Aachen, 2005.
ISBN 3-929292-42-4
20 €

Global Players. Deutsche und japanische Kunst der Gegenwart
With essays by Harald Kunde and Yuzo Ueda, German/Japan, ed. by Goethe-Institut Tokyo, Tokyo, 2005.
14 €

Matthias Hoch. Fotografien/Photographs Ed. by Jutta Penndorf. Ostfildern-Ruit, 2005. ISBN 3-7757-1593-2

Ludwig Forum publications before 2005

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