Lecture by Daniel Muzycuk: Graphic Score as a Structure That Wants to Become Another Structure. Thoughts on Some Scores from Eastern Europe

Katalin Ladik’s work with collage based graphic scores allowed the artist to create striking visual pieces which want to become something else – a live sound performance. They are performed by the artist herself. So the visual equivalent of the sound piece is not a form of communication, but rather a type of visual record. It allows the artist to perform the piece on different occasions. The talk will focus on some of the qualities of these works by juxtaposing them with other Eastern European works recorded in graphic scores. These instructions are usually not only visually compelling, but also create specific relations between composer/visual artist, performer and listener. It embodies certain politics and division of labour. The talk will include examples of works by such artists as Andrzej Partum, Ewa Partum, Milan Grygar, Eugeniusz Rudnik, Milan Knizak and Andrzej Mitan.


Daniel Muzyczuk is Head of the Modern Art Department at Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź. Curator of exhibitions: “Gone to Croatan” (with Robert Rumas), “The Melancholy of Resistance” (with Agnieszka Pindera), “Sounding the Body Electric: Experiments in Art and Music in Eastern Europe 1957 – 1984” (with David Crowley), “Notes from the Undeground: Art and Alternative Music in Eastern Europe 1968-1994” (withDavid Crowley), “The Museum of Rhythm” (with Natasha Ginwala), “ThroughThe Soundproof Curtain: The Polish Radio Experimental Studio” (with Michał Mendyk), “Work, work, work (work). Céline Condorelli and Wendelien van Oldenborgh” (with Joanna Sokołowska), among others. Co-curator of the Polish Pavilion of the 55th Venice Biennale (with Agnieszka Pindera). He is the winner (together with Agnieszka Pindera) of the Igor Zabel Competition in 2011. Member of Grupa Budapeszt. His upcoming book is entitled “Twilight of the Magicians” (2023, Spector Books).

The event is part of the exhibition programme of “Katalin Ladik. Oooooooooo-pus”

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