With LuForm Meets RECIPROCITY the LuForm. Design Department enters the next round. In cooperation with the design triennial RECIPROCITY with the motto “fragility” in Liège, various contemporary design positions from Germany and abroad will be on display at the Ludwig Forum for International Art. These do not only deal with the topic of “fragility” on a structural and material level, but also serve as reflections of our time and inspect political, social and discourse fields that challenge a conscious approach between design object and the viewer / user.

In addition to controversial jewellery designs, fragile fabrics and ceramics, various design approaches are also presented, which in a broader sense are dedicated to the topic of sustainability. Furthermore, considerations on dealing with city and nature, the use and influence of social media as well as questions on the subject of gender branding, time constructions and mental illness find their way into the design drafts.

Opening: Tuesday 02.10.2018, 7pm
Free admission!

Designers: Anne Büscher, Hugo Duina, Camille El-Achkar, Rachelle Hornesch, Marco Iannicelli, Maria J Juchnowska, Laureline Lê, Lieke Li, Johannes Lindner, Mariya Molotnikova, Linda Nitsch, Romina Patt & Eike Töllner, Lukas Rudig, Dana Sáez, Alexander Schul, Janika Slowik, Giuditta Vendrame, Michelle Zwinkels

In cooperation with RECIPROCITY Design.liège, FH Aachen and designmetropole aachen.

Supported by the Region Aachen.

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