Training the Archive - Lab, install view, Ludwig Forum Aachen, 2022.

Training the Archive – Lab

Training the Archive aims to accompany the developments of artificial intelligence (AI), critically question them and examine the technology with regard to applying it in museum work. The central question is whether AI harbours potential and poses risks in relation to the automated structuring of collection data in curatorial practice. Which types of collaboration between AI systems and experts are possible and can contribute to more explorative research? Do patterns, connections and associations in museum collection data that are not apparent to humans in this form become recognisable?

In the laboratory-like exhibition, the research project presents its results and provides insight into the subject matter. In addition to a selection of specialist literature for self-study, all published texts, so-called working papers, from the project are available. Interviews with international artists, curators and theorists who have made significant contributions to the research field of image production and AI in recent years will also be shown. The presentation sees itself as a “work in progress” and will continue to develop, exhibit new results and connect relevant artistic positions.

Research Project Manager:
Dominik Bönisch

Collaborative Partner HMKV Hartware MedienkunstVerein, Dortmund:
Dr. Inke Arns & Francis Hunger

Digital Partner Visual Computing Institute, RWTH Aachen University:
Prof. Dr. Leif Kobbelt, Dr. Isaak Lim, Moritz Ibing & Marian Schneider

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